BN Comes to NYC!!!



Black Nonbelievers is proud to announce our newest local affiliate – in New York City!

In keeping with our well rounded style of hosting secular, social, and outreach events, Black Nonbelievers is proud to be branching into the New York Tri-State area. While the Northeast is more progressive than in the Bible Belt Southern states, there is still a wall of dogma which penetrates the communities of this city.

As a native New Yorker, I am very excited about our new addition. We have a very strong team of dedicated organizers who will be ready to connect with not only the Black community, but also the secular community. For more information, please visit the Meetup group here: BN-NYC.

We look forward to seeing you at any one of our events in the future, and if you’re in the New York area, be sure to join us!!!



*Black Nonbelievers (BN) is a 501 c3 non-profit fellowship headquartered in the Atlanta area that is dedicated to providing an informative, caring, festive and friendly environment. We strive to connect with other Blacks (and allies) who are living free of religion and irrational beliefs, and might otherwise be shunned by family and friends. Instead of accepting dogma, we seek to determine truth and morality through reason and evidence.

BN welcomes all regardless of sex, sexuality, gender identity, age, national origin or race.

Are YOU Ready for the Reason Rally?

What do members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, comedian Margaret Cho, and magician Penn Jillette have in common?

They will all be onstage next weekend at Reason Rally 2016!!!

If you know that you can be a good person without believing in a god, if you think public policy should be based on scientific evidence, NOT religious beliefs, and if you support separation of church and state – then join us for the largest gathering of nonreligious people in history!!!

Reason Rally 2016 will take place on June 4th at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. But the party doesn’t stop there, please visit the website at to view the full lineup of speakers and entertainers, and to sign up for a host of events from June 2-5, including a VIP Dinner with the Stars, an after party, as well as a mini convention! And while the Rally is free to attend, we still need your support. Please make your tax deductible donation, and/or merchandise purchase from the website today!

Black Nonbelievers is a proud sponsor for Reason Rally 2016. Be sure to stop by our exhibitor table at the event, where we will have giveaways, and you can meet some of our affiliate organizers. You can also make your tax deductible donation and support our efforts on our website at

The Rally needs YOU, so we hope to see you there!!! 

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BN Turns Five in January!!!

Since January of 2011, Black Nonbelievers has grown from a local group in the Atlanta area to a national phenomenon. In 2016 on MLK weekend, we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary – complete with presentations, interactive workshops and just overall FUN! Come and experience how much our organization has contributed to the secular comunity, and meet the folks who have come through our doors, and have supported us since our inception. as well as celebrate this milestone achievement. It’s MORE than a conference!

Featured speakers include:  

 – Alix Jules 

 – Amy Monsky 

 – Bridgett Crutchfield

 – Candace Gorham

 – Sarah Haider

 – Lorenzo Neal

 – Darrel Ray

 – Jeremiah Camara

 – Dave Silverman

 – Todd Stiefel

 – Muhammad Syed

 – David Tamayo

And many MORE!

Music by Victor Harris! 
Full registration, including dinner is just $75! This price is for advanced registration only, which will be ending soon!
Student registration is $20 (dinner not included, and must present valid ID). Register for this event here!
Interested in being a vendor, exhibitor and/or sponsor? We have very reasonable rates – just click on the link above!
Look out for more related events for what is sure to be a fabulous weekend. We really appreciate the support, and we will be around for many years in the future!!!
For more information, be sure to visit

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Black Football Player Discloses Nonbelief!

In this ESPN News story, Houston Texans star Arian Foster discusses in detail about not believing in god. This is a major accomplishment not only for the secular community, but because Foster represents a vastly underrepresented segment – people of color. Foster also recorded a video for the Openly Secular campaign, of which Black Nonbelievers is proud to be a movement sponsor.

You can check out both links here:

ESPN – Arian Foster

Openly Secular – Arian Foster

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BN’s Urgent Fundraising Drive!


We have launched a fundraising drive to help generate some much needed revenue in order to expand our reach and operations. Please click on the link below to view the campaign and to contribute. We appreciate any and all support that we have received over the years, and we look to keep things going in the future.

BN’s Fundraising Drive on Go Fund Me



Mandisa Thomas
Black Nonbelievers, Inc.

“Walking By Sight, NOT Faith!”

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CBS Sunday Morning Features Openly Secular This Week!

*Black Nonbelievers, Inc. is a proud movement partner with Openly Secular, and we encourage Nonbelievers from all backgrounds to speak up and identify if they can. We are all working together to show support, and show that we are not alone. ~Mandisa



Date: April 17, 2015

Contact: Jackie Krentzman, Communications Director

Phone: 510-524-7499



Starring on CBS Sunday Morning April 19th: The Openly Secular Campaign


Washington D.C. − The CBS Sunday Morning television news magazine program will feature a segment on Openly Secular this Sunday, April 19.

Hosted by Mo Rocca, the segment focuses on Todd Stiefel, the chair of Openly Secular, Neil Carter, a teacher in Jackson, Mississippi who blogs as “Godless in Dixie;” Mandisa Thomas, the founder and president of Black Nonbelievers, and Rev. Dr. Luke Powery, the Dean of Duke University Chapel.

The focal point of the segment is the Openly Secular campaign and its quest to eliminate discrimination against and increase acceptance of atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers and nonbelievers. Openly Secular is a coalition supported by more than 20 secular organizations.

“We are thrilled that CBS Sunday Morning is shining a spotlight on the false stereotypes and challenges secular Americans face in many parts of the country,”says Openly Secular Chair Todd Stiefel. “There is a social cost in our country in identifying as secular. Many Americans still hold a prejudicial stereotype that one must be religious to be moral. This program will help dispel myths and build awareness that secular Americans should be treated fairly like anyone else.”


The airing of the segment is timely, as Thursday April 23 is the first annual Openly Secular Day, to be celebrated at more than a dozen locations (as well as online) across the United States. The aim of Openly Secular Day is to provide a safe place for people to gather and celebrate their secular worldviews.


“For many Americans, revealing to their family and friends that they are secular can be very scary,” says Stiefel. “So participating in a nationwide event in which many, many others are also celebrating their secular worldview, can be incredibly freeing and even exhilarating.”

CBS Sunday Morning is hosted by Charles Osgood, and reaches more than 6 million viewers a week. It is the top-rated Sunday morning news program for the 25 to 54 age demographic.


Catch CBS Sunday Morning from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST and PST; 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in other time zones.


About Openly Secular

Openly Secular is a coalition and campaign to raise awareness and eliminate discrimination against secular people – including atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, and humanists. The organization is comprised of more than two dozen nonreligious organizations, led by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Secular Coalition for America, Secular Student Alliance, and Stiefel Freethought Foundation.


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BN’s Year in Review – 2014.


2014 has come to an end, and I cannot help but to reflect on how remarkable it has been for BN. As an organization, we continue to be the most visible and accessible secular organizations that focus on people of color. This is because we are committed to providing support for those who have left religion behind, and need to connect with like minded individuals. Because this is still very difficult to do within the African American community, it has been crucial for Black Nonbelievers to be vigilant with our mission. And what a wonderful journey it has been, and will continue to be in the future.

Some highlights from 2014 include:

  • Establishing BN groups in Memphis, TN, and the Washington, DC area
  • Appearances and tabling at conferences and conventions
  • Interviews with the Humanist Hour and CNN documentaries (release date TBD)
  • Participation in the Openly Secular campaign (
  • Hosting the creators of the Jupiter Strong children’s literary enterprise (

As proud as we are of our activities this year, our biggest accomplishment was becoming federally recognized as a non-profit organization. As a result, donations to BN are now tax deductible. Your gifts and contributions help with our ability to reach out to fellow nonbelievers nationwide, as well as increase our presence in places where we are needed – particularly the Black and Secular communities. Please become a regular contributor today; your support is extremely valuable.

2015 will see BN developing projects such as New Turn (secular solutions for recidivism), partnering with a new program titled Inner City Science for Youth, and continuing our now consistently warm style of community building and engagement. As always, we will keep you updated on our latest events and developments.

Have a very Happy New Year and we thank you for your support and participation. Hope to see you soon!


Mandisa L. Thomas
Founder and President
Black Nonbelievers, Inc.
“Walking by Sight, NOT Faith!”

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